Cervical cancer is preventable

My Story | Tamika Felder

Watch this inspiring video from Tamika, an advocate for cervical cancer prevention and founder of Cervivor.org. She is the driving force behind this patient advocacy organization that provides support to women in the cervical cancer patient community, or to those who want to do more as advocates for change. In this video, she shares her own cervical cancer story and a valuable message on the importance of cervical cancer screening, prevention and the importance of addressing issues like stigma.

Personal Story told 2012.


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Personal Story told 2019.

When asked what she would tell her 25-year old self, Tamika Felder gave simple advice every young woman should hear. Tamika learned through her own cervical cancer diagnosis and journey that cervical cancer can happen to anyone, and screening isn’t something that should be put off. HPV screening tests are valuable to help identify if a woman is at risk, so that disease can be caught earlier, before it has a chance to progress into cancer. Learn more about screening for high-risk HPV and its role in cervical cancer prevention. 

At some point in their lives, close to 80% of women will encounter Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV, a common, sexually transmitted infection passed between partners through skin-to-skin, sexual contact. There are many different strains; some of which cause genital warts, and others that put a woman at higher risk for cervical cancer. Tamika talks about how screening with an HPV test can be life-saving in order to find disease before it progresses. Rather than feeling stigma or shame, a positive HPV result can empower women with information to help better manage their health.

Tamika, herself a survivor and powerful advocate for cervical cancer prevention around the world, wants all women to share in the responsibility of helping prepare young girls for what they need to do to take care of themselves and their health. Listen to her words of wisdom, based on experience and knowledge.

When faced with a positive HPV result, women may feel alone, but the fact is, HPV is so common that most people have it without even knowing. Tamika Felder, a cervical cancer survivor and founder of cervivor.org, offers a community of support and asks all of us to be more open when talking about HPV to help make the topic less of a taboo.

Any time is the right time to discuss HPV screening and cervical cancer prevention

Once you’ve been tested for HPV, it can be difficult to understand what your test results actually mean. We can help.


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