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Let's talk cervical cancer screening

Better cervical health starts with you so take control of your cervical health by learning about HPV, cervical cancer risk factors, your cervical cancer screening options, and what to do once you’ve been screened for HPV.

Not sure where to start? Take this quiz and read answers to commonly asked questions.

Danielle, a NYC based freelance writer for women's health, pop culture and relationships, Author of "The Semi-Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin", HPV #cervivor, and huge baseball fan, discusses cervical cancer prevention.

HPV tried to wreck Danielle's life, and took her on a scary journey to prevent cervical abnormalities from progressing into invasive cancer. Watch this video (Part 1 of 4) where Danielle explains the role of HPV and how unfair it is that women feel stigma around something so relatively common.