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No woman, whether it’s because of a positive HPV test result or a cervical cancer diagnosis, should feel alone – because she’s not! A woman has a 75% - 90% estimated likelihood of having an HPV infection detected at some point in her life, even while in a monogamous relationship or abstinent.1 Even women who’ve had the vaccine need to be screened for high-risk HPV. Swipe or scroll below for HPV and cervical cancer support groups, from those that help women on their cervical cancer journeys to organizations whose missions are to spread the truth about HPV, cervical cancer and the importance of screening and prevention programs around the world.


Know Your Risk for Cervical Cancer Facebook Community

Connect with other women on their cervical health journies by joining our Facebook page “Know Your Risk for Cervical Cancer.” Our community is designed to provide you with knowledge, education, and encouragement you need to be in control of your own health and wellness. 

  1. Chesson HW, et al. The estimated lifetime probability of acquiring human papillomavirus in the United States. Sex Transm Dis. 2014;41(11):660-4.